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Last week, I finally got to meet this real life Spanish Chastity babe! Wetnesday came to my studio with a plan! She was going to spend 5 days in the Netherlands with her Dominant, and wanted to visit my studio on the first day to get locked into some of my gear. On the 5th day, she would return to me and get unlocked.
She came to the studio locked in her FancySteel and some other metal accessories, but of course her main interest was in trying my belts and metal bondage equipment. Soon, she was jumping around the studio in various items, collars, cuffs, stocks, and belts. She tried a lot of my belts to see which one would be suitable to spend 5 days in, it had to be the right size of course. Eventually we ended up deciding on a Carrara, it was a good fit (not perfect) and the padding makes it very comfortable on the hips.
I also locked her into a chastity bra, it was too small for her, so I made it a little bigger. It turned out afterwards, that it was still too tight for her, so the bra became a real challenge during the Chastity Deal.
I gave all of the keys to her keyholder, and they went off to their Amsterdam hotel room. She promised to make a vlog of her adventures, and today you can see part 1, edited and narrated by Wetnesday herself. Enjoy!
In her own words:

The weekend before my birthday, FoToRo let me be locked in his amazing Carrara belt, chastity bra and some other steel pieces. It was one of the bests gifts to have been locked by my Dom for almost 5 day. I visited Amsterdam for the first time, I went to different museums (with chastity belts!!), saw the canals, the red-light district, watch an erotic show, had a date, went shopping, all fully locked. I felt horny all the time and hugged by all the steel I was wearing. During my time as a tourist, I made a vlog of my adventures for this website, explaining my issues and feelings with this locked experience from first hand. I hope I can repeat it again or come back for a deal soon as I am missing Netherlands and all of FoToRo’s collection :)

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  1. She is beautiful in all her gear. I really like updates with girls who are really into these things.

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