chastity belt 

Right that is it, after seeing this video, I definitely need to get Lottii over to the Netherlands. The way she talks about being belted! She is so used to wearing it now, she doesn’t mind at all!
I love chastity enthusiasts! Lottii seems like a lot of fun, imagine having her in a chastity belt, jumping around the house naked! She is so bubbly and funny. I will have to contact Natalia Forrest so she can help me convince Lottii to come to a 7-day Chastity Deal!
In this video, Natalia asks Lottii if she can try on a few different outfits to try and hide the Carrara belt. It is not the easiest belt to hide, but Lottii does a great job with the clothes she bought for this shoot. Although it seems like these two crazy girls would prefer flashing the belt to unsuspecting people in the club, feeling very safe and smug that no one can ‘have their vaginas’ (not my words but theirs). Don’t miss this fun video!!

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