chastity belt 

When Lottii was at Natalia’s place, she had to spend an entire day in this Carrara belt. Instead of just waiting, she did a lot of things to prepare for an eventual Chastity Deal in the Netherlands (with me).
One of those things was trying to get some exercise in, because she wants to do that every day, and she will need to be able to do her fitness routines when she comes over to Holland for a longer Deal. She didn’t expect she would be able to move very well, but to her own surprise, she could do everything she wanted to.
Skipping, jumping, bending, stretching, it’s all possible in a chastity belt. Many members have written to me their girlfriend or wife uses this as an excuse to get out of the belt, but don’t fall for it! It’s not necessary to let your partner out of a belt for exercise reasons. Only for hygiene breaks, and even then the unbelting should be as short as possible.
Lottii seems to be very comfortable in belt. I have never met her in real life, but I can’t wait for her to visit for a week or so, so I can have her running around in my own house, wearing nothing but a tight belt!

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  1. Also good candidate for the giant chastity bra. When Lottii comes add that to the list items to be locked on during the deal. She will enjoy it fore sure (and we too of course)

  2. Grewald says:

    Are all Natalia’s friends large breasted? – no complaints, just an observation!

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