chastity belt 

Niara Cake sent me this video, she filmed herself at home, a bit lonely, locked in full chastity. She is decorating her Christmas tree, as she is from a country where Xmas is celebrated on January 7th. Very mysterious, but you can probably guess why she is a little bit careful about her lifestyle and identity.
She is such a lovely girl, and she desires to live in chastity 24/7. Let’s hope she will find someone in 2023 to share her dreams with! If I could, I would fly her to the Netherlands and offer her a Deal, she seems like the perfect girl to have running around the house, locked in metal.

9 comment(s) to “Niara Cake – Christmas decorating”

  1. Metal Man says:

    Niara is a role model for all her countrymen, who all of them should be in chastity all the time!

  2. Interesting to see the locks of the thigh bands in back.
    Great idea. Yes, please invite her to your studio.

  3. Merry Christmas, Niara, and good luck to you! May your dreams come true! You are looking great in shiny metal and seem to be a lovely person! Don’t worry, be happy!! Remember you’re perfectly protected against any hardship!!

  4. Absolutely! She seems like the perfect girl to have running around the house, locked in metal.

  5. Wonderful outfit on a very pretty girl

  6. Respect, I admire her courage in letting us share her secret. It’s nice to see how the lights are reflected in the bra. It looks like she’s gotten used to the thigh bands a bit. There have already been babes who have played tennis with it. Now it would be interesting if Niara would show us if playing squash would also be possible.

  7. “…and desires to live in chastity 24/7”

    Is there a girl anywhere in the modern world who actually does? Would her passions eventually diminish after being prevented from pleasuring herself for long periods of time, or would they build and build continuously like a star in the brink of a supernova? There is so little reliable information on such matters…