chastity belt 

Remember tiny little Emilia? She is so funny!! If you don’t remember her, click on this link to see her previous updates!
She came back again for a chastity day, and we had a lot of fun running around the studio taking pictures and making videos. Of course, I had to use my smallest My-Steel hip belt again on her, and she even wore the same collar as last time. Emilia is getting pretty used to this steel, I think!
After a while, we came to the medical room in my studio, and Emilia didn’t really like the setting. She acted a bit scared, but in her usual funny way. I think she is hilarious! I told her she was going to be strapped on the hospital bed for two hours, and her eyes went very wide. I know the models must always be thinking: ‘oh geez this FoToRo guy is really something’, but it was never as clear as here in this video when I am strapping in Emilia. You can see her think: ‘whyyyyyyy’, but she is also enjoying it a lot. She loved the pink mittens!
Well, I think you know what you are getting into when you come back to my studio. And Emilia is definitely coming back soon, even though she knows that crazy FoToRo guy is going to do weird things to her again, while she has to wear a belt for the entire day. I think she’s getting used to it!

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  1. matthew meuleman says:

    i think she loves it there locked up all you need is a long turm contract with her

  2. This girl in her My-Steel belt is exactly what I hope to see more of.

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