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Yes!! A new Chastity Babe! Ever since featuring on my promo team (click here), Zoey was in love with chastity belts. She hasn’t been idle, contacting Carrara to get measured and waiting endlessly to finally get her very own belt!
By the time she got it (at this year’s BoundCon), she had lost quite a bit of weight so the waist belt was a little too big for her. No worries: I invited Carrara to my studio this week and he brought a brand new waist belt for Zoey so she had a properly fitting belt! It is snug on her and she definitely can’t touch herself (believe me, she has tried!!). It even features a unique crotch cup, which is a new Carrara design, so it is extra secure.
Of course, Carrara brought a number of other things from his collection as well, and even the collar Zoey had loved so much at BoundCon. So she was fitted with a full Carrara outfit in the end: belt, bra, and collar! Zoey loved her new belt so much she wore it for 4 days at my place (you may have seen some picture of that on her instagram or twitter). She even wore it THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY going home to the UK!! Yes, she actually did.
I loved having Zoey over, she is a true chastity lover and she will definitely train herself to be in the belt pretty much 24/7. She is dedicated, funny, and a lovely person to be around! I miss her already!

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  1. Thank your for showing us the adorable Zoey with the beautiful gear of Carrara Designs!

    The chastity belt, the bra and also the collar look great!

    Would it be possible to show us the orthopedic neck collar of Carrara Designs in the future as well?

    Here an image form Carrara Designs homepage:

    (I hope it is OK to post this link.)


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