chastity belt 

Cute goth girl Emily Addams has been obsessed with chastity belts ever since she saw one. And now, she has her own belt! You may have seen it in this update, as she literally had just picked it up at the NeoSteel booth at the fetish convention. The belt wasn’t properly adjusted yet, but it already looked good!
It still needs a bit more adjustment, she wants it even tighter in the crotch area! Emily couldn’t wait to show it to me in my studio, and she came all the way from Germany to proudly present her own NeoSteel to me. I love genuine enthusiastic Chastity Babes so much! And Emily is just the cutest. She is definitely going to wear this belt a lot. Emily is determined to getting used to being in this belt as much as possible!
She showed me how she puts it on, and how the collapsible belt can be taken apart. It has a high security padlock and the belt is made out of really thick steel. Lose that key and you are really in trouble! Follow her on social media to get more updates about her chastity adventures, she is awesome!


6 comment(s) to “Emily Addams – her new belt”

  1. Thomas1357 says:

    Emily is such a cute girl! It is a great idea that she shows us how to put on her own belt.
    She seem to be very enthusiastic about her belt and wearing it! I am looking forward to see more content from her.

    She might be a candidate for this years Locktober Challenge – maybe even a combined Locktober – NOvember Challenge ?

  2. Cute girl and that belt looks really good on her. I hope she will wear it a lot.

    I have a Neosteel belt myself, also with the high security padlock. The steel is indeed very thick, so getting out without the key is going to be very difficult for me.

  3. Emily is so cute. Is she single. I want to marry her

    • Thomas says:

      I think we two have to enqueue in a VERY long row of candidates. I would even allow her to stay in her belt during honeymoon if she would wish to.

  4. So how long did you keep the key before posting it back to her? :D

    • Good question, about 5 days? Not sure. But next time she will visit me for much much longer and she will be locked the entire time. I am really looking forward to that.

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