chastity belt 

After shooting this amazing update where Dominique was a teacher who got captured, belted, and chained to the wall with a HUGE collar, I left her there for a while (of course). It was fun to have her chained in the Giraffe Collar, and Dominique never really complains about her situation when she is in my studio.
When I asked her what this collar feels like, she commented it was really heavy. That gave me an idea: let’s weigh it! It turns out the Giraffe Collar is about 920 grams, pretty heavy! I finally allowed Dominique to take it off, but I had a surprise for her: a Swedish Collar! This thick metal masterpiece is amazing, beautiful manufacturing and craftsmanship. And yes… it is even heavier. Weighing in at 1.5 kilograms, this was going to be Dominique’s next challenge. She knew it! There was a reason why I let her take off the Giraffe Collar.
She had the most of the day left to spend in her belt anyway, and a collar is part of the Deal, so why not make it this new Swedish Collar! After figuring out how to open and close it, Dominique bravely snapped it shut around her neck. It looked absolutely stunning on her! She is the queen of Chastity Babes, and a high end collar is exactly what she needed! She ran around my studio all day wearing this heavy solid collar, and needless to say, I had a very good time just watching her. A topless belted Babe in a Swedish Collar making tea? Life is not bad!


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  1. Nice! Dominique looks fabulous in metal and love the chastity shoot. Amazing look of Dominique in such attire. Would love to see Dominique endure a double plugging session to test her limits. Nice!!

  2. Who WOULDN’T want such a beautiful woman attired like that in his apartment ???
    You would have to be DEAD not to have such a beautiful (and willing) woman around !!!

  3. William48 says:

    She isn’t that bad and she does look cute I suppose.

  4. One of the best : Big watch + Swedish collar = DREAM !
    We need all more of dominique !

    • Dominique is available for custom videos with her big watch from home at the moment. Due to the big interest in her MK watch you can order a special video for yourself to get through this lockdown!!

  5. chastity

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