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Hopefully, you have been following Denise on her twitter account in October. As was required per her Locktober contract, she posted daily updates on her Chastity Deal and it was a joy to see!
She was finally unlocked yesterday and she was very happy about that. There was a lot of pressure from her Twitter and Onlyfans followers to stay locked for November as well, but that idea came about a little too late to make it work. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t do it again in the future though! Denise loves money and a good challenge! Never tell her she can’t do something, because she will prove you wrong!
Before unlocking her, we talked a bit about the challenges of being in a metal belt for a month. Little fights with her boyfriend, clothing choices, keeping clean, all that daily life stuff that comes with wearing a belt.
She made it! And I am very proud of this young girl, she is very determined and she did what she signed for. I don’t think it was just the money or the challenge, I think Denise is submissive and into bondage a lot more than anyone might suspect. She wants to keep doing fetish and bondage shoots and become a big bondage star! I think she will be super popular, and of course, I will keep shooting with her too. If anyone would like a custom video with Denise, just email me or write her directly on her social media!
Well done Denise, I really enjoyed this!!

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  1. @johnbsub says:

    Congratulations to Denise for achieving her goal. I hope that her boyfriend understands and accepts her wishes and offers her his support. Look forward to seeing much more of her in years to come.

  2. Anne Marie says:

    This is great but next time I would like to see Denise’ BF also locked up in a male CB so that there is some equity in the “punishment”

    • There was a couple belting years ago. I loved that! I even contacted fotoro to ask about a deal but there wasn’t enough interest. Since then I have to admit I’m not exactly model material anymore covid weight and all.

      But we do now and then both wear a belt and have great fun doing that! It’s always a matter of teasing to get the other to fold first :)

  3. Why did you deleted mi comment?

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