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Not long ago, I received an email from a fan. A girl who collected a lot of my videos and watched them on her computer in her bedroom. Niara told me she secretly enjoyed the fantasy of being locked up in a belt for many years, until she finally got the courage to buy one for herself.
She now owns a chastity belt, chastity bra, and a collar, and she wears them at home as much as she can. I am really happy to inspire girls all over the world with this website, and I get very excited when fans email me about how this website changed their life.
Niara is a student, and I think she studies visual arts, because she put together her very own ChastityBabes video for me. She everything herself, filming, editing, and it looks great! Niara is a bit shy to show her face, but I am sure in the next videos she will be less insecure.
Please enjoy this home made video from a real life chastity fan! She deserves some nice comments and encouragement!

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  1. Great job Niara,

    Can respect that you don’t want to show the face but thanks for sharing your great content

  2. She clearly deserves a chastity deal! Although she may enjoy it too much.

  3. @sussex.1018 says:

    Very nice would love to see more from her
    where is she from?

  4. Have her send her keys to you

  5. Very nice. I love to see girls who are really into chastity belts.

  6. Great video, Niara looks beautiful in her belt. Could you send her thigh bands so that she could make such a exciting video with them? Best of all when she is drawing or playing her favorite game on the PC.

  7. She’s a wonderful role model. God bless her.

  8. What a great model. I do wonder how long she could wear the chastity belt for. Wonder what is the longest someone has worn a belt for. Hope she can send you the keys and see alotore of this beautiful model.

  9. Such a motivated girl needs to get a chastity deal for a week at least, preferably much longer.

  10. I’ve made yet another subscription (lost count of how many…) just to contemplate this absolute, refreshing BEAUTY. Very candid, sweet and inspired video. Remembers me of two videos of gone super model Sophie from BoundLife…. Just the looks and the music in the background. It would be funny to know who of us two has the most comprehensive collection of your videos and which the models of preference :)) Also, which brand of the “premium belts” must have already caught her eye (10.000 points if it’s a MySteel, hehe). – (BTW, well read nerdy girls have the kinkiest minds… so they say)

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