chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest was kind enough to shop some clothes with Lottii. It’s always interesting to see different outfits with a chastity belt, to see how well the belt can be hidden under clothes. Obviously, not all outfits are really suitable for hiding a belt. But maybe Lottii doesn’t want to hide her Carrara! She looks so good in it!
She quickly tries on a lot of outfits, to see what would look best with her belt. She finds out a dress hides the belt really well, but she likes to wear shorts and a crop top, which reveals the waist belt of her Carrara. Lottii seems to be very open minded and a little crazy, she would definitely not mind giving people outside a look at her belt! I can’t wait to get her to Holland! She even mentions how she would like to run around the house in her belt, completely naked! That would be a very interesting stay at my Chastity Mansion, with her amazing boobs, bouncing around on the stairs!
She does need a collar though, Natalia doesn’t seem to include that in her Castings. I think it is a very important part of being a Chastity Babe. Lottii needs to come over for a proper Chastity Deal, then we will see how much she likes her belt after a few days!

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  1. next challenge, shopping in a minidress?, for groceries, and unfortunately everything she needs is on the bottomshelf.

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