chastity belt 

This is a girl I have been wanting to belt for a long time: the awesome Lottii Rose! She has such a great body for a chastity belt. But with the pandemic going on, it was very hard to get her to the Netherlands.
Until Natalia Forrest (my UK belt mistress) casually said: ‘oooh Lottii, yes she is a good friend of mine…’ What? Ok, get her locked in that Carrara I sent you!
Wow, I had no idea Natalia knows Lottii. I wish I had known sooner, because the result is just amazing! Lottii loved being locked in the belt so much, she was immediately interested in doing a longer Chastity Deal in the Netherlands! I can’t wait!
First, I will tell Natalia to keep locking her up so she can get used to the belt even more. Because wow… she looks like she was born to be in a Carrara belt!!

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  1. NICE! A wondrous beauty is a gorgeous site to behold. Lottii is wonderful and a great site to behold with nice breasts and a lovely figure. Second a vote for a more longer term in a chastity belt and how about pairing her up with Natalia Forrest as well. NICE!

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