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Donna arrived in Amsterdam 2 days ago!! Even though she had visited Holland before (and met us to get measured), she was so nervous you will not believe it!

But there was no time to waste on long conversations, we wanted to get her into her belt as soon as possible, to make her fulfill her end of the deal for the maximum amount of time. We took her to the apartment she can stay in for 1 month, sat her down and told her to open the box that was waiting for her.

Remember Donna wanted a pink chastity belt? Well, we had one especially made for her, ergonomic waist band for comfort, rigid style with integrated secondary shield, 2 side D-rings (for later) and high quality padlocks. It is a work of art, and quite heavy as well. Donna will definitely feel this for the first few days.

Curiously, she opened the box and took out the belt. She inspected all parts of it, but she was hesitating and very very nervous. It actually took quite a lot of convincing to make her put it on and lock it onto herself. Donna is not a model and we think it is very brave of her to get undressed for this website. That is why we don’t show this in the previews, only to members.

After the padlock clicked shut, Donna did not seem to realise what she just did. In fact, she did not seem to like us or even want to talk to us much, so it was hard to make her feel comfortable. We left her alone to get used to the belt for a while. When we came back to explain about the apartment, food, bed, and other practical things, Donna was very quiet. We think this is all a bit too much for the young blonde. What have we done? What has she done? We felt so sorry that we almost wanted to let her out again (but we didn’t).

Donna has since warmed up a little. She spent 2 nights in the belt, and we will tell you all about that in future updates. She is still a little shy and quiet but she found some ways to talk to her friends on skype and that cheered her up.

This is turning out to be a lot harder than we expected! We made some nice footage of this first time belting (long video and lots of pictures) for our members, and we have made a lot more that will appear on the website soon. Remember the Donna updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary.

Any feedback or requests for Donna will be appreciated, but PLEASE be nice to her and hold off on the sexual stuff for a while. Donna will read all comments!


18 comment(s) to “Donna’s belting”

  1. Stunning and beautiful. Go on girl!

  2. chastityman says:

    Yeah :):):)

    Donna is absolutly nice and her chastity belt is so cute, pink is perfect.

    For me the BEST update !!!!

  3. Iceman2436 says:

    Cool update.
    Donna is a very cute girl more so in her cute pink chastity belt

  4. chastityman says:

    what’s the chastity belt maker, please ?

    How buy this model ?

    • Webmaster says:

      The belt is NOT a my-steel belt, it was custom made for Donna by a CB enthusiast. We are thinking about starting our own line in the future.

  5. Donna, you’re doing great, and I love how you look in that belt. I’m sure you’ll be used to it before you know it.

    I hope you enjoy your time in Holland!

  6. Dear Donna, what a cool and brave thing to do, you are super!
    I think we all can imagine that it’s all strange in the beginning: it’s a big new experience AND a new environment at the same time. But I’m sure you’ll feel great in a few days from now, and Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities in the world! So take a little time to get used to everything new, and then, enjoy your time here!

  7. Donna is soo cute. This update is great!!!

  8. Donna,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You look GREAT.


  9. Very nice.
    I like her, her chastity belt and her pink watch. Would be very cool, if she can wear it in every update.

    Enjoy your time.

  10. Thanks for sharing Donna. You are very brave. While I am locked in a chastity belt myself I don’t think I would have the courage to actually let other people see it on a website.

    Enjoy your time in Amsterdam and I look forward to hearing how you’re doing.

  11. Keyholder says:

    Will Donna be allowed to try to escape her belt?

  12. Kaukomieli says:

    You are so brave and so beautiful, Donna. You can do it!

  13. Please make a video when she takes the belt off! Maybe she’ll miss it and ask to put it back on?

  14. roadie12 says:

    definitely worth the wait, she probably try a time or two to escape her belt. a beautiful accessory for her

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