chastity belt 

Being locked in a chastity belt was quite a shock for Yasmine last time. But after a while she got really used to it and she was walking around her house like nothing had changed. A few weeks later we received an email from her, asking if there was ‘more’. It is always a good sign when girls want to experiment with chastity body metal!

We decided to go over to her place again and put her into ‘more’ chastity. Mind you, she is one of the world’s most famous natural professional nude models (we can not reveal her real name, but you know her), so she looks great in anything we put on her. We lock her into the belt again, and we add the stylish collar, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. We also add thigh bands and that was very intriguing to Yasmine!

Since she was so curious about the thigh bands, we let her lock her own upper legs together using a short length of chain and two padlocks. Yasmine is in front of a huge mirror and it is fun to see how she is testing her thigh bands, walking up and down to see what kind of stride she can make. This girl is really into chastity, we will take her outside in a belt soon (when the weather is good) for her first outdoor experience!


11 comment(s) to “Yasmine – mirror image”

  1. Beautiful update, but.. Am I the only one that thinks that the chain of the wonderful tigh bands are so long?
    Not only the girl is very pretty but also the update is very good… butin my opinion the tighs bands must be smaller, the steps would be more lady like.

  2. Iceman2436 says:

    Great photo set! loved the video!
    All she needs now is a chastity bra to complete the outfit.

  3. Webmaster says:

    Even I agree, and I will see to it that future updates with thigh bands will have shorter chains.
    (actually this was meant to be a double chain, so she should have looped it through and reconnected it with only 1 padlock, but it was her first time locking herself, so let’s just give her some credit)

  4. FisherMan says:

    I would even go so far as to say there should not be any chain. Just connect the two bands together directly with a padlock! If there has to be a chain, use 2 links like handcuffs do.

    • There is a piece, the block piece that is used foor sleep. The piece is a small metal piece in form of “T” that is looped in the two rings of thigh bands and locked with a padlock in the base of the “T”. It is used only for sleep because It is a lot of protective and restrictive. But the first steeps on morning are so cute!!!

      • I agree with Fer.The thigh bands should be tighter when the patient is sleeping.
        It is also very useful during the day to keep the wearer from moving around unnecessarily.
        Very small steps are attractive and will remind her that she is ideed in chastity.

  5. Great update. I would love to see one of the babes stuffed under their chastity belt, and have to do THAT overnight!

  6. metal bra is missing..But she’s got an AMAZING ASS !! WOW !!! SEXY !!

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