chastity belt 

The incredible Vanessa is almost ours (or rather: yours, dear members)! We have been slowly adding more chastity gear, and she is actually starting to like it, instead of protesting and fighting. We know some of you would like to see girls in chastity belts fighting and tugging every second, but the truth is that most girls can get used to it and they tire of struggling sooner or later.

This time we added thigh bands to Vanessa’s upper legs, a big step in becoming a Chastity Babe. Or rather, a small step, because now her stride is limited and she has to walk slowly and more elegantly. We also added ankle and wrist cuffs (she was already collared), but as we said: her training is still not complete. We think she needs a chastity bra too, judging by the way she is showering herself. Of course, members will decide if it will really happen, but full chastity seems to be the only way to tame this wild lady.

You can see by her smile that Vanessa is thoroughly enjoying herself in the shower, all the metal and bare skin gleaming and the chains rattling. No more pants for this babe, only long dresses and skirts. She wants to be a member favorite and get lots of requests, but will she still be popular now this website is starting to feature some of the most interesting babes and updates to date? We will see! Be careful what you write below, Vanessa is reading!


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  1. I love sexy Vanessa. This is not my favorite kind of updatebut there are worse. If I become a member of this site again, I’d definitely be looking forward to downloading this set. Steel + Vanessa’s wet skin make up for a lot.

    Just an erotic phantasy I have: Put Vanessa in a full chastity outfit and let her pose/dance or shower every week. Then have a poll where the members decide if her posing was good/pleasing enough. If yes, she gets the key for one item as a reward. If no – well then she’d have to try harder next time. The last key of course will be the second key for her double padlocked CB.
    -Now that would be: fighting a belt ;-)

    I know that this phantasy is highly unlikely to become reality ever, since 1. this would involve long-time wearing of Belt, Thighbands and Bra, which would only be possible after a long period of training and 2. Since most of the members here seem to be sadistic, they’ll never be pleased enough ;-)

  2. Yes,by all means put her in a chastity bra.Then she will be completely unable to excite herself.
    If she still acts up,You can punish her by fastening the wrist and ankle cuffs together.Then she wont be able to move at all.

  3. Sorry Vanessa, you’ve gotten too comfortable with the belt. Time for a nice metal bra as well. Since she seems to be so comfortable, why not try something a little longer? ;)

    She’s always been my favorite. Personally, I’d love to see a how she handles the belt if she has a masturbation session but gets locked up short of orgasm. Mean? Yes. Sexy? Hell yes.

  4. roadie12 says:

    yes,she is a real beauty, definitely a chastity bra,maybe also connect her ankle and wrist cuffs, overnight chained to wall

  5. Looks like Vanessa wants to become the next Jenni C. Vanessa, I would like to see you wear the chastity belt for a week since you enjoy chastity so much.

  6. chastity bra should be put on so that she cant touch her boobs.. and love the chain connecting both thigh bands so that she cant spread eagle her self to avoid the tightness of the shield pressing her labia/pussy..

  7. I would add chastity bra, wrist and hand cuffs to her belt and collar, with all the necessary chains. I would love to see her in full chastity. Post some pictures of her in full chastity, and some videos as well. How about the idea of a live Cam session?

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