chastity belt 

Pretty Juliette dropped by to do a Casting for this website! She is so stunning! Of course, I needed to lock her in a belt as soon as possible, so she was already in a NeoSteel before the Casting had even started.
Wearing half her clothes still, she was a bit confused, but I put a mirror nearby so she could admire herself locked in a steel chastity belt and steel collar. Juliette seemed to understand she was not getting out of this for 4 hours, so she relaxed and tried to get comfortable. She was a bit shy but tried to look confident all the time, you can really tell in the video.
To distract her a bit, I pointed her to a chest with lots of Xmas outfits. I wanted her to try a few different options, so I would have a pretty Santa girl for this year’s Xmas update! Did I mention Juliette is absolutely stunning?? Perfect face and body, and a very graceful style, looking effortlessly beautiful in steel.
A few Christmas outfits later, Juliette was clearly having fun and she got into it a bit more. I will definitely offer her a Deal when she is back in the Netherlands, can’t wait to have her around the house in a tight belt and collar. Maybe not even a bra, because she has such spectacular boobs it would be a shame to cover them up!!
Merry Christmas to everyone reading this! I really appreciate the support you all have given me over the year and I hope I can keep doing this for a good while longer! Stay safe and belted!!

More belted Juliette can be found here!


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  1. Aisha Ali says:

    Neosteel has very comfortable belts. However I could never imagine wearing a hip style model. I like the feeling of having my waist hugged by a silicone buffered metal band. :-)

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