chastity belt 

As requested: Alyssia as the perfect bride! A photo and video shoot with the beautiful and sensual Alyssia wearing a wedding gown (which she absolutely loves). Nothing underneath it, except a tight chastity belt. Because this is the ultimate symbol for chastity: a pure bride!

Keeping chaste until marriage is an age old wish for some people, but nowadays it is very hard to achieve with the sexualisation of society. A modern chastity belt will help more than ever to reach that ultimate goal. We encourage all couples who are looking for chastity until their wedding to get chastity belts, definitely one for the female, but the male partner can also participate of course. It will make that honeymoon night so much more special, it will be unbelievable!

Alyssia takes off her dress for you, just to show the belt to you. She is one of the most obedient and submissive girls we have ever seen, we definitely envy the guy she will eventually end up marrying! In the meantime, any other suggestion for Alyssia shoots are very welcome, we are sure she will be happy to fulfill your chastity belt fantasies!


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  1. A simple, but unbelievably beautiful shoot. If Alyssia is an obedient woman, then what a gem you found!

  2. What could be better than having a virgin bride, like Alyssia, locked up in a chastity belt until her wedding night.
    If she was lucky,she will be marrying a virgin, like Warren,who was put in a chastity belt by his mother,to prevent him from masturbating.
    Just think what a wedding night they will have,discovering the joy of sexual intercourse.

  3. Only 2 comments? Sad for such an update. I love it! My suggestions:

    – Seeing her buying and trying the underwear for her wedding – which will look most beautiful? White Stockings are mandatory, of course. Is it possible to wear a corset with the CB – without removing it? (probably not but maybe there is a way to work it around).

    – (as long as it does not get too much): Will you be able to sign a straight couple both sign a contract e.g. for 30 days? Like mentioned, maybe there is a couple willing to go the way together… Don’t know if everybody like this idea but everybody has it’s favorite…

  4. Anne Marie Jones says:

    Russian girls have this custom. I once had a Russian prisoner, Marina M, who told me that she did this for a month before her wedding!

    • Annette says:

      Could you tell us more about this custom?

      • Anne Marie Jones says:

        Well, Marina was in my jail sentenced to 2 yrs for a drug related charge. She and I became good friends and she mentioned that among a sect of East Russain clans , chastity before marriage is taken seriously. Of course with changing times, they do not expect virginity, but the bride to be needs to be in some kind of chastity device or under home confinement for a period of a month before the wedding. And on the wedding night, the groom gets to unlock such a chastity device.


  5. Forestier says:

    Will the key be given at the ceremony along with the rings?

  6. I’m working on getting the word out for couples and I’m open to suggestions. Maybe a shotgun wedding with the black box?

  7. I wonder if “no sex before marriage” is Alyssia’s real credo or if it is just a fantasy

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