chastity belt 

Olga was back for an afternoon and I should have known: she wanted to go outside again. Last time, it was already quite risky, but this time it got even worse.
Holland is a very small country with many people, you can’t find any quiet spots to film. In this country, there are people everywhere, every minute of the day. Which is pretty tricky if you are walking around with Olga showing off her white chastity belt and her boobs to the camera all the time.
We got into trouble quite a few times that day. First, we went into a hardware store, but Olga’s bare ass and boobs soon got too much attention. And me filming it was reason for them to throw us out. Then we went for a walk along the canal, but a lady walking her dog did not appreciate the filming and flashing. We think she called the police, so we got into my car and went somewhere else again. Out in a field, Olga finally found the time and freedom to take off her dress completely. She ended up flashing her boobs and belt to a full train and a bus!!
She always makes me go outside, because she is an exhibitionist and she loves public shoots. I don’t. I feel very embarrassed filming her and it was awkward to see all these people staring. Oh well, Olga had a lot of fun, and it was brave of her to go out in her white belt. But I probably should get someone else to film it next time. Any volunteers?

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