chastity belt 

Lizanne enters the bedroom wearing a tight tank top and shorts, holding a rolled up beach towel. She puts the towel on the bed and takes off the tank top, revealing a batgirl one piece swimsuit! She is clearly annoyed. The pool party rules clearly say ‘only one piece swimsuits, no bikinis!’. Lizanne thinks her body is way too sexy to be hidden under a one piece.
She pokes her head out the door and makes sure nobody is looking and then she secretly pulls a bikini out of her towel. She quickly changes into it and puts her tank top and shorts back on. Now she’s ready to go and flaunt her looks in front of everyone at the party. But just as Lizanne is about to leave, the host barges in and asks what kind of suit she’s wearing!
Lizanne tries to bluff and tells him it is a one piece, but he asks her to lift her top and spots the bikini. He is furious and tells her to get naked. After she does, he throws a chastity belt onto the bed. Lizanne is horrified, she knows what is going to happen next and begs the host not to lock her in the belt.
The host has no mercy and quickly locks her into the chastity belt. Lizanne angrily tugs at the belt, whimpering in frustration and complaining about how uncomfortable it is, but she eventually picks up the one piece and puts it on over the belt. She tries to leave, but the host tells her to put on the bikini: ‘You said you’re too sexy for a one piece, right? So get back into the bikini!’
Lizanne is horrified because she knows the belt will be completely visible, but she reluctantly does it because she knows he’ll never let her leave otherwise. Lizanne checks out the belt in the mirror and complains about how the bottoms do nothing to hide it, but he tells her ‘too bad, it’s time to join the party!’
Whimpering and tugging on the belt, Lizanne leaves to room, on her way to the pool party where everyone will be able to see her belt…

4K video! (just a test, let me know if you have trouble playing the file)

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  1. all time favorite couple, a woman that is truely submissive and a man that is a real alfa male, these short storys are fun to watch, please make more.
    lizanne i will always be a big fan

  2. Imagine her embarrassment when she tells curious young female (18+)attendees at that party just what that is, and how it prevents self-gratification.

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