chastity belt 

It’s amazing how much Kerry can deal with, she just loves bondage and wants as much as possible ALL day long, ALL the time! While doing a full Chastity weekend Deal, locked in a plugged belt, chastity bra, and collar, Kerry decided that she wanted to do a rope bondage shoot! She is just incredible. And talented! I tied her arms all the way together in a tight elbow bondage, and let her struggle as much as she wanted. Kerry loved every second of it!
Later, when I removed her ropes, you can hear her comment about the fact that I tied her wrists super tight (as well as her elbows) AND I tied her wrists to the belt. The knots were between her shoulders. She is a real escape artist so these were the things I had to do to make sure she wouldn’t get out. You can see her closing her eyes with pleasure when she comments on that. I have never seen anyone love bondage this much. Tie her up and she will be floating with happiness!


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  1. wow she is tough, a real scottish lass

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