chastity belt 

Farida is a Turkish fashion model! I don’t think I have a Turkish Chastity Babe in my collection yet! It’s so nice to collect babes from all countries, because I always say: ‘ALL girls should be in chastity!!’.
It’s not so easy to convince all girls, but if you invite models over for a photo shoot, they are usually quite interested. Okay, the shoot will get a bit strange after a while, when I ask the model to take off her clothes. And even stranger when I hand her a chastity belt to lock on to herself. Some don’t think about it twice, and some need a bit of convincing that a chastity belt is like a fashion item, and it’s much better than posing nude!
Farida was intrigued, and she said she had never ever seen anything like this before. Before she knew it, she was locked in a chain style NeoSteel! Wow, she looks amazing, she reminds me of a certain celebrity. I then gave her my new collars to wear. Letter collars! I needed two to spell ‘chastity babes’ so it’s quite a lot on Farida’s neck but it looks great! Of course, we had to do some pictures with the promo shirt too. Who knows, she could be in my promo team if events will ever come back…


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  1. Finally a Muslim girl in a chastity belt.

    And content with a great Neosteel belt and no further toys (cuffs, collars etc.).

    Seems that god has answered my prayers. This is such a stunning update.

    Thank you, dear webmaster.

  2. @ Farida:

    Maşallah. Çok güzel olmuş.

  3. Erol Hazım says:

    Female chastity is so important in Islam. All Muslim girls should be locked in My-Steel or Neosteel.

    May Allah reward her and grant her a strict and loving keyholder. Amen.

  4. Erol Hazım says:

    What about a shooting with chastity belt and head scarf? Would be a perfect synthesis of orient and occident. :-)

  5. Half of my family is Turkish. If she wants to make a Turkish interview video, I could create English subtitles.

  6. I don’t believe this lady is Turkish

    farida arabic name

    There is no such fashion model in Turkey.

    It says elsewhere that she is a fashion blogger

    If she was a Turk, thanks to us, she would have been in the news here on the sites.

    I searched a lot like a social media account

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