chastity belt 

Natalia Forrest was so excited! Finally, it’s Christmas! She rushed to the tree to get her presents… but there were no presents. She was very confused. Natalia thought she had been a good girl, she had been locked in her Carrara belt for ‘ages’ and it was super tight! Surely she deserved some presents?
As we all know, Natalia is super horny all of the time, so we had to put her in a chastity belt to stop her from having sex (or touching herself) so she can actually focus on doing other things. But as always, the only result was LOTS of begging and moaning from her. She just never stops complaining when we lock her in a belt. She NEEDS sex and she NEEDS to touch herself all the time. A chastity belt is her worst nightmare. Especially on Christmas Day!!
But she is so seductive and smooth talking, could you handle her? After the moaning, she tries to bribe you. Her usual routine. She promises you all kinds of horny sex positions. Can you resist? Natalia Forrest offering you sex? Anal sex too, if you want it. Or would you deny her begging for the key and make her give you a blowjob? It’s probably the safest way for everyone. Natalia can stay belted and you get your satisfaction. It’s fun to keep her belted! Especially for a longer period of time. Natalia gets so horny and frustrated, you can literally make her do ANYTHING! Now there’s a Christmas Wish come true!

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  1. Merry “Chastmas”, Natalia. :D

  2. NICE! Natalia Forrest is absolutely gorgeously cut and precious and looks fabulous in chastity. Natalie has the best perky, erect hardened and point nipples. NICE!! Natalie is such a gorgeous fetish model and it would be great to see her secured in chastity with double plugs to entertain her for the viewing audience. Great to see Natalie back on this site. NICE!!!

  3. Wow, she looks really cool in that belt.

    What if she has a moment of weakness and wants to give up and get out?

  4. That’s so sweet that she’s protected from masturbation. Long before chastity belts were used as sex toys, they served the genuine purpose of deterring the “solitary vice” in young ladies who needed help with that problem.

  5. I actually have seen most of these girls on hucow and metalbondige I do like there look don’t get me Rong but some times it feels like y’all are working together or have some arrangement and you really need to check these girls/bitches more it is good for a girl/bitch to get a good fucking and I’m a guy who is good year this is how I blow off steam sense I don’t have a girl.

  6. I like my red My-Steel Total, but Carrara is also great. Would love to try it on …

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