chastity belt 

Tomorrow is the last day of #Locktober, so the last day for Anahí in her belt! I am really impressed at how she handled the entire situation. Of course, it’s easy to stay at home in these times of lockdown, but this was a literal lockdown for Anahí and she did not really complain much!
Sure, she was a bit moody on several occassions, but she is so positive in general, and she was so determined to get her prize money, there was no question she was going to make it! Tomorrow I will unlock her and post a new update. I will interview her about this experience of course, so come back tomorrow for the unbelting! In the meantime, enjoy this video report Anahí sent in (her contract stated that she was required to send in video updates regularly). It’s always nice to see her hop around in her house, locked in that tight red My-Steel!

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  1. You should sign her for Christmas chastity deal like Slave shopping for Christmas and after coming home she can be locked in cage with Carrara mask

  2. Anahi is sooooo beautiful! I’m sure she’ll be glad to have the belt off, but I know a lot of people will miss seeing pictures of her pretty smile and flawless belted body every day.

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