chastity belt 

A bonus update again! Anahí sent me this video from the kitchen where she is apparently cleaning up, and even changing a light bulb. It’s great to see her do so well, I knew she was going to make it! She only has about 5 days left to go, there is no way she will ask to be unlocked now, she wants her prize money. If she wants out now, she would have been belted for 26 days for nothing!
I hope everyone is doing great in their Locktober challenges. It can’t be easy. But if you are doing it together with Anahí: hold on, you are almost at the finish line! Let me (and Anahí) know in the comments below how you are doing and what your experiences are so far!

2 comment(s) to “Bonus: Anahí – Locktober report 3”

  1. Kit ou double le 31/10 ?

  2. Double bet for a month Countries remain closed?

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