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A bonus update on the Monday evening! Why not? My lovely studio assistant is past the halfway point of her Locktober Chastity Deal, and it’s by far too late to stop now. That’s the evil thing about Chastity Deals: once you start, you can’t stop or you will have done all the time in chastity so far for nothing. This is because the standard contract only rewards you if you make it. Yes, with a money prize. So it’s too late to stop now, Anahí will get nothing and she will have done 19 days in her red My-Steel for our amusement only.
But who is doubting she is going to make it? It’s Anahí! She’s always cheerful, always positive. And she is much tougher than she looks! She sent me this video (a bit late, but it’s here now) so you can see her at home, in her belt, doing her daily things. It’s lovely to have the keys to such a cute girl, and it will be sad when Locktober is over, so enjoy it while it lasts! Now is the time to join the site and see all of Anahí’s content!

5 comment(s) to “Bonus: Anahí – Locktober report 2”

  1. C’est si bien rémunéré ces stages de chasteté consentie qu’il y ai tant de volontaires participantes ?

  2. Anahi is doing great and looks Amazing wearing her belt and cuffs.
    I think Anahi should carry on wearing her mysteel belt after October ends and try to beat Donna’s 170 Days wear her belt, I think she could do it easy

  3. I love the idea that she’s protected from masturbation. God bless her.

  4. I do hope we get to see Anahí try a plug before October ends. She seemed to find Stella Cox’s predicament interesting when Stella was doing her plug deal.

    I think the viewers would find it interesting for you to offer Anahí the option of trying a vaginal plug for a few hours and see how she responds to the offer.

    You still have ten days left in Locktober to try it.

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