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This new awesome girl wrote me to sign up for a Chastity Deal! Josie is from the UK, she is quite edgy and loves to experiment with fetish. She was nervous but also confident she could do a Chastity Deal with a few bondage assignments and tasks. She signed a Deal with an unknown release time, but at least 48 hours. That’s pretty daring! According to the contract, I could have kept her locked up forever. But don’t worry, I wasn’t planning to do that.
For the Casting shoot, Josie was pretty nervous at first, being in front of the camera. But I took it slow and added all the gear one by one. First the collar was locked on, then she was belted in a My-Steel hip belt, and finally a chastity bra was locked onto her. Josie was excited and she asked a lot of questions, she seems eager to please and was always checking if she was doing things right.
I think she looked amazing in her full gear! Josie is cool and she has a beautiful smile, which you will see in the behind-the-scenes video. I also liked the fact that she was wearing a leather cuff on one wrist, but I couldn’t figure out if she just thought it looked nice or if it was a symbol of her submissiveness. Because she certainly is a sub! Josie is open minded, wide eyed, taking in everything that was happening in the studio with extreme interest. She wants to be challenged, restrained, and locked! If you like girl-next-door type shoots, don’t miss this week’s update, Josie could quickly become a new member favorite!


8 comment(s) to “New girl Josie – full chastity Casting”

  1. Michael says:

    I would love to have a girlfriend like her. That kinky look in her eyes, and she is gorgeous too. I am looking forward to seeing more of her.

  2. David Sellmon says:

    She is extremely cute, please ask her out for a long term Donna like chastity deal <3

  3. Matthew meuleman says:

    make her your new slave girl with a life contract

  4. Beautiful young lady. Looks just like a girlfriend I once had.

  5. I like seeing new girl Josie restrained in her chastity belt, keeping her black wristwatch is a really lovely touch.
    More like that please

  6. Tam_lin_ says:

    Damn you FoToRo!! You lured me in yet another subscription (3rd one)… but always worthwhile :)))

    Very much liked this casting… so different from all the other ones… innovation is the key.

  7. Tam_lin_ says:

    ;))))) !!

    Very much enjoyed this lovely video…

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