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When I found out Rachel Adams was going to be in London, I asked her if she would be interested in spending some more time in chastity. I mean, London is not as far as the USA for me, so it would be easy to fly over there and have some fun with her!
I was wondering if she would do it, because it seems like every trip she goes on, I show up with my Chastity Deals. Surprisingly, she said she would really love to do a Chastity Deal in London! Rachel Adams really loves chastity! So I was off to the UK, and I found her already locked in her own belt when I arrived. She dutifully gave me the keys and said she had put it on earlier, waiting for my arrival. I locked a collar on her too (she loves collars), and she went back to her hotel room to get some sleep.
The next morning, I went over there early, because it was a special day. It was her birthday! Now, if you follow her Twitter account, you may already have seen what I got Rachel Adams for her birthday. I got her a brand new chastity bra!! She really loved it! So shiny and very secure. I already adjusted it to her size (maybe even a bit too tight), and she couldn’t get her fingers in it at all. This bra really completed her outfit! Happy Birthday Rachel!
She locked it onto herself immediately, and I took the keys. I now held the keys to her belt, bra, and collar. Rachel said: “let’s go sightseeing!!”. She jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom to admire her new full chastity outfit. This was going to be fun: sightseeing in London with Rachel Adams in full chastity!


9 comment(s) to “Rachel Adams – birthday present”

  1. Nice to see Rachel Adams in chastity and I hope more women will like to wear it.

  2. @ukchastity2 says:

    Nice to see Rachel locked up and out around london!

    A full outfit is a must for her!

    Chastity is common but not talked about much its kept in the dark !

  3. amazing fit, outdoor scene’s please

  4. Tam_lin_ says:

    Rachel looks stupendous in this vid. Well worth taking a flight to shoot it :))

  5. Mike the Director says:

    Thank you – looking forward to seeing Rachel outdoors, giving us the enhanced sights of London!

  6. LoveSteel says:

    What a nice and great present for Rachel. Such a nice and shiny bra. What a great thing to get on a birthday.

    Well done webmaster. Rachel does look stunning in al that gear. Love it.

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