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Rachel Adams is still in love with wearing chastity belts, she is even trying different styles now. Her most recent belt is a V-style rear chain belt, with a high security cylinder lock block on the waist belt. I think she likes the V-style more (most girls do), as it doesn’t have the rather obtrusive anal opening.
Rachel is not shooting any bondage over the holidays, so she can stay at home and wear her belt as much as possible, only taking it off for cleaning breaks and toilet breaks. I know many of you are celebrating the holidays in a chastity device, so it is nice to see Rachel join in on the fun! She is so used to wearing a belt now, she does not even mention it and she often forgets she is wearing it!
Rachel has a lot of things to do before Christmas, but they can all be done in the belt (anything can be done in a belt). She needs to put candy canes in her tree, fill the stockings, and wrap a lot of presents! This all requires a lot of bending over and moving around, but she doesn’t seem to have any problems in this belt!
I hope you are all going to have a lovely Christmas time, hopefully locked in a chastity device (or with your loved one in a chastity device of course)! And if you don’t have chastity in your relationship yet, this is the time to get the perfect gift that will strengthen and spice up your relationship! A chastity belt makes a wonderful gift! Happy Holidays from!!

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  1. Happy holidays to all from holland

    • Aisha Lafette says:

      I also wear a belt with Y-chains – due to hygiene reasons (a MySteel Total). It is very comfortable and almost not noticeable under regular jeans or skirts. However, belts with chains on the butt need to be very very tight to be safe and secure. Continuous steel bands provide more safety – but also more troubles while cleaning …

      Maybe, Rachel could make a comparison video with her different belts?

      Wish you all a nice and locked Christmas.

  2. Has anyone considered making a hybrid chastity belt that has the rear opening like most continuous crotch band belts but has Y-chains from the top of the rear opening loop to the back of the waistband instead of solid metal?

    • What would be the benefit of such a belt?

      I see no alternative to Y-bands which leave the anal opening completely free and unsurrounded (as offered by NeoSteel or MySteel).

      Otherwise cleaning becomes a catastrophy.

      Believe me: I have tried a lot of belts in the last ten years (after my marriage).

  3. Aisha
    Shame about Twitter
    But it’s nice to know more about your belt

  4. A MySteel Transformation belt with dual crotchbands (continuous and cable) is in my dreams. I’d like to have it set to switch to chains too. My doubt is if they really worth the price tag of € 1.200,00 and more.

  5. Keena Kaur says:

    I absolutely adore Rachel Adam’s BARE feet (not in nylons) but I’d love to see her in chastity high heels. Keep them locked up tightly and keep them nice and sweaty!

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