Dear members, due to a privacy problem, CB840 has been removed from the website. I am currently working on the situation to see how it can be solved in a safe way for the Chinese model without getting her in trouble in her home country. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. 中华人民共和国 国家新闻出版广电总局 says:


    • “People’s Republic of China State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television” “December 10, 2019 at 2:17 am”

      “That might be a bit difficult”

      Yes, it might be.

      Google “translate Chinese to English”

    • Also good to know that even out side of China we can not share. I am really starting to find it crazy how far China is reaching out side their country now. They used to just block content they did not like, now they want to alter the internet for every one. Where/When does one country get to pick what is online and what is not online?

      • China did not remove anything, I did. Because the model in the video did not feel safe.

      • FAKE 中华人民共和国 国家新闻出版广电总局 says:

        It just was a prank lol, Chinese government will not supervise the “outside” website, but if there is someone who know this Chinese model and report to police, this model will be in trouble. The video can be used as evidence of spreading obscene pornography.
        To avoiding the trouble, i recommend you guys add some Mosaic and don’t show the model’s name

  2. Yes, unfortunately, there is a certain human right issue and a lack of freedom of expression and speech, glad to be living in the west

    • I am Chinese. “Human right issue” might be a too hard word. But for such pron video is strictly forbiden on China network, Since the GOV didn’t categorize for Child & Youngs. So they had to forbiden any video.

      Anyway I am still strongly waiting for Chinese Chastity slave gril update. I will re-join membership once Chinese gril video back online. :)

      • I can not put it back online, she asked me not to do it, so I won’t do it.
        It was not the Chinese government (that was just someone joking around), it was the girl who asked me to take it down.

        • China has billion population. It is a huge market. Hope you can work out how to involve Chinese Chastity Babes quickly.:)

  3. Member from Chinese is keep waiting for Chinese slave girl video.

  4. What a shame
    Hope you can sort it out

  5. Back to earning chips???

  6. Not really says:

    China won’t and won’t be able to control what’s outside of it. They are unable to block anything outside of the country ie block Youtube video that ppl in US can’t see it. They can only block Youtube in China. Also, I believe that they are just too busy for this.

    Anyway, People’s Republic of China State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, this department is full of shit, no one in China likes it.

    If she doesn’t feel safe, cover her face up. I’m Chinese and also would like to see Chinese models.

  7. When will there be plugs updates?

  8. Well, in that case, no more Chinese model!!
    But I really hope to see more Taiwanese models in the future!!
    I remember seeing one here before.

  9. Flies in boiling water says:

    Maybe you should mark all models from mainland China as Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan on the website.

  10. A Chinese says:

    Just take it easy pls! China gov. never care these video.

  11. 上海养猪二厂 says:


  12. Its impolite to publish an non-English comments in an English website.

  13. Former China Resident says:

    I am disappointed. I would love to see this video. I bet the girl is gorgeous, and I bet it is a great video. Is there any chance of sharing it by message/email with members who have subscribed to the site? I would really love to see it. That said, I worked in China for many years, and yes, for sure, if someone in mainland China saw the video, recognized the girl and reported it to police, the girl would face serious repercussions. While I was in Beijing, a young Chinese student convinced his girlfriend to let him film them having sex in a clothing store dressing room before they headed home for summer break. The selfish bastard then shared the video online to impress his friends. Police efforts to find the girl were surreal. There was considerable shit over it. Also, both students were expelled from the university, over and above the criminal penalties.

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