Rachel Adams in her chastity beltExciting news! Rachel Adams liked her recent Chastity Deals so much that she got her own belt (see picture). I have challenged her to wear this belt for the entire month of October in a long Chastity Deal! She will attempt to remain locked for 31 days, starting at the BoFeWo event in Germany (this weekend) where I will lock her in.
Of course, being a famous bondage model, Rachel will have to work and shoot amazingly hard bondage scenes, so she might have to take it off for shoots sometimes. She can also take short cleaning breaks. But for the rest of the time, she will be eating, sleeping, travelling, and doing her daily things in chastity! I am very excited to see her deal with her new belt, especially at home or on the road when she is touring. She will provide lots of selfies and videos, and she is open to questions on her Twitter account.
Welcome aboard Rachel! It will be a fun Locktober!

3 comment(s) to “Locktober for Rachel Adams!”

  1. OMG Can’t wait to see this girl in Oct please do a lot of vids with Rachel

  2. How does she fly with the belt ?

    • Chastity belts are nothing unknown to airport security staff.

      You just have to tell and they will finish their security checking manually in a separated room.

      I travel to Jordan regularly and never had troubles until today.

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