chastity belt 

Tall dancer girl Britney returns, and she is always full of confidence. She did in chastity before, and this time I have a very special Challenge for her.
Locked in full chastity (bra and belt), Britney curiously holds the locking Carrara mask in her hands when I approach her. Much to my surprise, she has put on a flimsy school girl outfit OVER her chastity outfit. ‘Do you like it?’, she asks when I comment on the silly outfit. No, I don’t. I tell her to take it off so we can see her chastity belt and chastity bra. And her collar of course. Britney looks amazing in chastity, she always does. Her super long legs are somehow even more sexy when she wears a chastity belt.
I tell her that she will be locked in the Carrara mask for 4 hours in order to get her prize money today. Britney laughs and says: ‘Bring it on! I have got this Challenge!’. Moments later, when the mask is locked on, she is still full of confidence. The mask is so tight on her cheeks she can barely speak. The chin rest can even close her mouth a little more by turning the screw underneath, but I leave it for now.
This mask is a lot of fun! It is face chastity basically. Chastity Babes can not do naughty things with their mouths while locked in this mask. They can’t eat either (which keeps them in shape for their chastity belt). There is a secondary lock so the mouth cover can be removed. It is now a grill, but it can be replaced with a solid plate if needed. I am sure I will do that in the next four hours! The mask locks with a single lock on top of the head. Both padlocks can be different, so the girl can be allowed to remove the mouth plate but not the entire mask.
Britney is so full of confidence, she needs to be taught a lesson. In this case, the lesson will be: four hours is longer than you think!!


9 comment(s) to “Four hour Carrara mask Challenge”

  1. Love it, prevents backtalk, she can not say no or disagree

  2. Britney looks amazing and sexy.

  3. this is great…but i would love to see this mask worn in a more “everyday” context, doing housework, etc…

  4. Could this device be modified in to a scold’s bridle ? Would not be difficult.

  5. LoveSteel says:

    What can I say other than GREAT and well done!

    Also great you can now tighten the chin rest with that screw (and lock it) before telling her she has to spend another four hours in that mask. The closed mouth plate may help to reduce the noise also a bit more. What a lucky girl she is.

  6. Extremely hot. But I must ask what happened to Arienh? No more updates and she’s incredibly hot.

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