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Zoey is one of the most interesting Chastity Babes, because she WANTS to try and be chaste, but she is actually a very sexual (and horny) girl. So challenging herself to wear a chastity belt is a huge battle for her. It will be so exciting to see how she will deal with her new Carrara in the next few months (go follow her on Twitter!).
Zoey’s pierced nipples are very sensitive and she keeps touching them all the time when she is belted. That’s why I asked Carrara to bring a chastity bra for her too. Now she can’t touch herself at all! Zoey was still loving the outfit, taking selfies, but I was pretty sure she would get frustrated soon.
A unique feature of this chastity bra is that it has little removable steel nipple covers. I found the screwdriver that Carrara left behind, and I brought it over to Zoey. I was interested to see if her nipples would indeed be in the right place to poke through the openings once she had removed the nipple shields. It was so perfect when she finally managed to poke her piercings through the bra! What a view, it’s the first time I have seen pierced nipples poking through a chastity bra, and I loved the look (as did Zoey)!
The problem was (of course) that she started playing with her nipples again. I had to cuff her hands behind her back, but she could STILL reach her nipples. So I cuffed her hands to her belt, behind her back. That finally stopped Zoey from playing with herself, and I could still admire Zoey in full chastity with her nipple piercings on display! Awesome!


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  1. Now you just need long piercings and a cover that holds the piercings flat on the opening and covers them! The nipples are beautifully captured

  2. Would be interesting to use the piercings as a PA for locking the bra to the nipples. No escape from the bra no matter what.

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