chastity belt 

Rachel Adams was sitting on a bench in the beautiful Spanish garden near the end of her Chastity Deal holiday. She was wearing this beautiful pink and white dress and she seemed very happy enjoying the warm sun. I decided to make a little video because the location was so pretty!
Rachel said she was getting used to the belt (and the collar was no problem at all), so she felt she really got a great deal! Not many models get a holiday deal, there simply is not enough time to do that with everyone, but Rachel felt really lucky to be in Spain. Sure, the belt was tight, and it was very hot, but she got completely used to it within a week! She even wanted to get one for herself!
Rachel commented on how it was interesting to sit on a wooden bench, feeling the metal belt press against her. And the breeze! Lifting her dress, she said it was so nice to get a little breeze down there, because it really was very hot when we were in Spain. We decided to explore the stunning garden a bit more, and Rachel happily led the way. We came across a little gate, and we weren’t sure if the other garden was still on the property or on the neighbor’s property. It was very exciting to explore yet another beautiful garden, because we were not sure if were actually on the neighbor’s property. What if they came out?
Such a stunning day with beautiful Rachel Adams in Spain!

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  1. What do you think webmaster, second housepet?

  2. Hey! What’s um with arienh?

  3. Can you get Rachel back please and maybe see if you can do a plugged shoot with her?

  4. The chains rear of the CB is the best setting, I love it… those chains sliding through the ass cheeks up to the belt rings, on the lovely “S” shape of a girl. So much I like it, that I’ve even crafted a “boy” model for myself :)

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