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Remember the very rare Tollyboy belt I got my hands on? It is very old, must be close to 30 years old now. This is the original FB100 belt designed by Hal Higginbottom, which inspired the shape of modern belts. Like Tollyboy always said in their marketing: ‘much copied, never equalled’.
This particular belt is even more rare as it is very small. There are only a few Chastity Babes who would fit in it. It doesn’t have a secondary shield (the FB100 simply did not have one) and it has a chain style back, in this case the chains are covered for comfort. It has a radial style lock to prevent lock picking attempts. The lovely and elegant Yasmine will demonstrate how to lock it on and how it fits her.
Of course, it was not made for Yasmine (she wasn’t even born yet when the belt was manufactured), and it has no secondary shield, so the fit will not be 100% perfect and secure. Premium chastity belts need to be custom built and are only built for one person. But it is a very good fit and Yasmine looks stunning in it of course! Her soft Scottish accent explaining the features of the belt could almost make this a commercial for female chastity!
Enjoy this fun update today and have a great day!


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  1. What a lovely young lass to model that vintage belt!

  2. Richard Davies says:

    It is an old FB100 but not an original. The original FB100s had a padlock and pin closure. This is a belt certainly made by Hal Higginbottom the design, the round radial lock fitting over 5/32″ (not 4mm as Hal kept reminding me) pins is evidence of that. From the photos I can’t see if there is a 1/4″ pillar to the side of the lock with a 1/8″ hole though it. If there is then this is a later belt late 1980s early 1990s as this pillar was fitted then to take a security seal the earlier radial lock belts didn’t have this feature. The white lining also points to an earlier belt as this was custom made neoprene extrusion made with Hal’s own dies but the company went into liquidation, the dies were sold for scrap although they didn’t belong to the company and Hal reverted to using commercially available black neoprene edging sometime in the 1980s or early 1990s. The heat shrink tubing over the chains also points to an older belt as it was found that water would collect within the plastic lining during a shower or bath and would leak out slowly leaving wet patches in the back of clothing. Because of this the covering of the chains was abandoned. Also I have found when repairing old belts by Hal that sometimes he was sold chain that was only plated not stainless and when confined in heatshrink would rust very badly.

    Further details of old Tollyboy belts the chains at the rear will be made of 3/32″ diameter wire on female belts and 1/8″ for male belts. With time and metrication this probably became 2.5mm and 3mm. Waistbands were originally of 16GA steel later 1.6mm and later still when 1.6 became unavailable in the UK 1.5mm so measuring with a micrometer will give more information about the age of the belt.
    16GA = 0.0640 inches
    1.6mm = 0.0629 inches
    1.5mm = 0.0590 inches

  3. Amazing Update! She is stunning!

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