chastity belt 

English dialogueOk, I have to admit that Vina wasn’t in her little plugged My-Steel for 7 days in a row. There were a few short breaks, because I wanted to experiment with other belts and toys. So the My-Steel was taken off, a quick shoot was done (never unsupervised), and the My-Steel was locked back on for the day.
Why? Well, for example: I had received a very very rare belt, loaned to me by a photographer from the UK. It was a Tollyboy belt, one of the early versions, that is probably over 25 years old. It’s definitely older than Vina! Chastity fans amongst you might realise how rare this belt is, it does not even feature a secondary shield. There is just a vaginal slot, which isn’t very effective. But it is very convenient if you want to play around with an inflatable plug! I needed to shoot with this belt fast (because it was loaned), and I had a good feeling that it would fit Vina nicely!
I presented this belt with the plug to Vina, and she was very intrigued. She did not realise how rare the belt was, but she sure was curious about the inflatable plug! Honestly, the plug was quite big for little Vina, but she managed to get it inside! The Tollyboy was then locked onto her using the radial lock, and she looked lovely in her dress with the plug’s pump dangling down!
Vina played with the plug for a while, although she didn’t know how to release the air, thus inflating it further and further and further. It must have been so huge and full inside her! Again, watch for the little smiles, she loves these kinds of surprises, she is such a curious eager young girl!


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  1. Ooohh… not my favourite tollyboy but I’m impressed even so. Excellent!

    Vina took the initiative and held the plug in with the belt! I guess it became slippy on the way in. Was the air let out of the plug during the ‘cut’ within the video?

    This is not a complaint, but you say “loaned to me by a photographer” :) What a Top man!

    • Thanks, I corrected it now.
      No the air was not let out, but the final few pumps didn’t add much air anymore, it was already fully inflated.

  2. Not that early a Tollyboy as it’s got a radial lock. The early ones had a padlock and button arrangement.

  3. GREAT!

    Much of the sexual content in internet looks brutal and only fullfills the lust of some needy men. But you succeed to be beautiful, too! Wina, you’re one of those rare creatures who succeed to look both aesthetic AND erotic – at the same time.

    As an middle-age men with some wealth and life so full with children and everyday chores, I’m missing a time when all that womans in my life wanted was sex! As I’m looking your living and breathing, I can’t help but notice that you LIKE IT. So I am filled with desire to have own Wina at least for a while – And even ready to give much in exchange. And I bet I’m not the only one, as there exist much more men with interest in chastity, than womens. So just for an tip, you could even be able to get something more out from your rare special skill than a week stay in Amsterdam!

    But if I may advice, exploit your sexuality only so far, that it feels nice – and do it with kind and sane men, like the webmaster ;) Because in addition to pervs&jerks there also exist good men with a desire to cherish such a pearl like you.

  4. chastityman(claude) says:

    Vina I LOVE YOU :)

  5. a reward for no complaints of being belted but hope that she ignores you when she is asked to take it off