chastity belt 

Doing a Chastity Deal directly after a long flight from Australia is hard. Cobie was excited to get locked into the NeoSteel again, but after a few days her jetlag started to catch up with her. She was tired all the time.
Also, as Cobie explains in this video, it is the first few days of a Chastity Deal that are easy (because of the excitement to be locked in a belt). But for Cobie, frustration and arousal usually kicks in around day 3. Being frustrated and tired is not a good combination. While there was not much she could do about the frustration part (a Deal is a Deal), I could try and solve her fatigue by letting her nap a lot.
Cobie was fascinated by the new stacked cages, which I did not have last year. They are indeed quite comfortable, and I told Cobie to take a nap in there. Much to my surprise, Cobie choose the top cage, which is of course not easy to get into, but she loves a challenge! I almost forgot she was actually handcuffed, and so did Cobie. She did not say anything about the handcuffs at all, she is so used to being in bondage, a pair of handcuffs is actually comfortable for her!
With the cage safely padlocked, I let Cobie nap for a few hours. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep in the cage, but of course she did! She was exhausted!

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  1. cute

  2. caged

  3. I really love Cobies “little” voice in this film.
    As you mentioned it in the film I guess the ultimate double lockup would be one of the lesbian couples you get from time to time, for them to be able to hear each other but no touching I guess would be really frustrating.

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