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Some more footage from Pippa’s Casting! At Natalia Forrest’s house, Pippa is still trying to deal with the reality of being locked in a Cararra belt. After her initial hesitations, she really tries to make the best of the situation.
But she is restless, she can’t watch a movie (as Natalia suggested), she can’t sit for long, lie down, or stand up. She is just like many other girls who are belted for the first time: she tries to fight it. Wriggling out of the belt? Prying at the lock? Pulling the belt down or up? Pippa tries it all, but the belt won’t budge. Cararra is a premium manufacturer, there is no getting out of these belts without the key.
Natalia is filming the entire time, without saying too much, just observing. She must have been wondering why Pippa was being so fussy about the belt, Natalia has been through far worse Chastity Deals. But I remember Natalia was equally hesitant (and complaining LOTS) when she was first belted. I think Pippa did quite well, and I can’t wait to get her to Holland for a few days!
Natalia did not seem very impressed at the end of the video, when Pippa finally gave up her struggling. But it was a good Casting! I think Natalia will find me many more girls in the UK who would perhaps not come over for a Deal straight away. It is a good way to introduce them to a belt, and then maybe get them interested in coming over for a chance to make some more money during a free trip to Holland!!

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  1. I am impressed that this Cararra belt fit her so good.
    A joy to see first time belted girls fight to get the chastity belt off. It is like they not believe a locked metal chastity belt will protect both them self and others from touching and opened it!

  2. Why is there no picture set for this update? :(

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