chastity belt 

Mistress Kristin from Russia is a tall confident woman. I wanted to try to belt a dominant girl for a change, and it turned out it is not so easy.
While Mistress Kristin was kind of interested in the money, she did not really want to do anything submissive. As you can imagine, wearing a collar was not something she was happy about. But here at, a collar is pretty much standard. So I grabbed one of the widest steel collars and locked it onto Kristin’s neck. She kept pulling at it, and giving me the finger at the same time. You can see where this is going.
Kristin was wearing an awesome spikey bra under her red dress, so that was already perfect. Locking her in a tight chastity belt was not very easy, she complained about it a lot. Somehow, it made me want to add thigh bands as well, even though that was not planned for this Casting shoot. I think dominant women make me want to belt them even more. Kristin was tugging at her chastity gear all the time. She must have asked me 10 times if I was sure I had the keys. She loves to be in control.
When she found out she had to spend a few hours in this gear, she tried to calm down and wait until I would release her. But she couldn’t really sit on a chair, and she was getting bored and annoyed. Still, she was taking a lot of selfies for Instagram. I will never understand girls! But I do know that belting dominant women is now a new target for me! I loved it!


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  1. LoveSteel says:

    Great start for her. A shiny locked bra that cannot be taken off without key would also be a great experience for her. Maybe her spiky bra on top of it to make her feel like home.

    Wrists cuffed to the side of the belt for 24 hours at least would also be great. Legs shackled of course. And one or more remote controlled toys. Multi channel e-stim always fun. Vibrating stuff also fun. Both e-stim and vibrating combined even greater fun. Also include some time giving the remote controls to someone in an other room who does not know what the buttons are for pushing them at random figuring out what they do. Then sit back and watch the show.

    And when the deal come to an end (make it a bonus deal of some kind), tell her you cannot remember where all those keys are after hiding them and maybe a few are even outside the building. Make sure there also are a lot of keys that do not fit any lock so it is a gamble if it is a key to a bit more freedom or not. Spread all keys at different places. She has to find them if she wants out of all the gear. The belt must stay locked until all keys are found so that key must be hardest to find. Make sure being fully locked, cuffed to the belt, and shackled to record her face when you tell her at the end of the deal what she has to do to get unlocked and that you have an urgent appointment so you cannot help her finding all the keys right now. So suddenly she is in some kind of escape room trying to get out of her gear.

  2. I love your new preference for dominant girls and look forward to respective outfits (barely) hiding the steel underneath.

  3. MetalMan says:

    This girl need a lot of extra training for a very long time!

  4. You should make these girls a lot of submissive stuff before you even so much think about letting them out. Show them that you’re the one in control- not them

  5. u should make these girls do a lot of submissive stuff before you even so much think about letting them out. Show them that you’re the one in control- not them

  6. I think dominant women also needs to wear chastity belt!

  7. Amazing! Thank you for this update!

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