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When Marta Klinta was in my studio, I really got to see her genuine love for steel. I don’t know if I have ever met a girl who loves steel this much! She was wandering around the studio in her famous stacked rings (neck, wrists, ankles) and her own full chastity gear. It was such a fun day!
This was just before the BoundCon convention, where we would both go. For the first time ever, three major chastity brands would be there: FancySteel, NeoSteel, and Carrara. So Marta was very curious about these brands, because obviously her Chinese belt and bra are just training devices while she is waiting to get the real stuff. Her Chinese gear actually looks great on her, it’s just that she can’t wear it 24/7 and that’s what a steel girl wants!
I showed her belts from all three brands (as well as My-Steel), and she was very interested in trying them all on. Marta was also very interested in many of my cuffs and collars, although it would be hard to find space on her neck, wrists, and ankles to try some of my gear. Don’t worry, we definitely tried out some of my collection on her!
I just loved having her around in my studio, she is so sweet and genuine about her steel passion!! We certainly had a great time (and at BoundCon too), so I am sure she will return more often to try more of my gear. Marta is interested in heavy steel bondage as well, she wants to try getting stuck in steel instead of just wearing it, which sounds like a great plan for her future visits! I am sure you can already think of some interesting Challenges for her!

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  1. JG-LEATHERS says:

    Hello again :-).
    Would it be possible to show Marta in any of the following situations, please?
    1 – collar leashed, ankles hobble chained, wrists short chained to CB waist band, Carrara head caged and gagged, then taken for a public walk.
    2 – same rig as No.1 above, placed on treadmill, back of collar leash leading up out of frame, wrist cuffs connected also to treadmill handle bars, centre link of hobble with fore and aft chains to treadmill frame.
    3 – same rig as o 2 above, with added e-stim on breasts and dildo.
    4 – wearing CB with external, knee-length Inhibitor Bar, with leash to tip ring, taken for “walkies”. At first naked, then with mid-thigh skirt revealing ‘Bar between her legs.
    5 – same rig as No. 34 above with knee-length Inhibitor Bar, forced walking/jogging on treadmill.

    I KNOW I’m probably asking for the Earth and the Moon, with the above, but feel that you could create an absolutely staggering series with Marta.

    Thankls for reading my “dreams of sugar plums” :-).


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