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Natalia Forrest scares me. She can be very threatening when I lock her in chastity gear. This girl needs to play with herself (and her toys) very often, and chastity gear is really getting in the way of her pleasure moments. She HATES that.
The problem is that she will let me lock her up, but she wants out after about 15 minutes. She gets so verbal and upset that I am afraid to even go near her, so I usually leave her for a while. Which only upsets her more. In this case, she locked herself in the Carrara belt because she loved the design, and a chastity bra too because it went with the outfit. I managed to even lock some ankle cuffs and handcuffs on her. Of course, she already started complaining at that point.
When I went upstairs, I saw what the problem was: Natalia had literally just gotten a new glass dildo from a photographer as a gift. And she wanted to try it. NOW. She tried begging, threatening, raising her voice, but I did not want to go near her.
At some point, I just threw her the keys to the handcuffs and leg irons. Which was even making her more upset, because she was now able to unlock her restraints, but the chastity belt and bra have different keys, so she still couldn’t play with her new toy. Needless to say, I needed to flee downstairs again. Doesn’t she understand that all her aggressive complaining gets her locked up longer? We have been doing this for years now and she still doesn’t seem to get it.

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  1. That belt, ART!!!!

  2. Carrara should be the standard for all cb wearers, lifetime fan walter!!, looks amazing on natalia and lizanne

  3. Of you ever have a job opening, i will move to belgium!!!

  4. I think Natalia should never be unbelted.

  5. You’re starting to know each other and battle together like an old couple :b

    The positive aspect is, however, that the WOMAN wants more sex, and the MAN is stingy ;)

  6. Belted by choice says:

    Where’s her girlfriend….your assistant?

  7. FANTASTIC!! ABSOLUTELY FAN FREAKIN FUCKIN TASTIC!! Always a pleasure to see the gorgeous and beautiful Natalia Forrest on this site and especially locked into a chastity belt and a chastity bra. Please bring her back for some more shoots. Also, would love to see Natalia get her NIPPLES PIERCED with some matching studs to her navel piercing. Natalia is absolutely fantastically lovely and is so sexy and feminine with a chastity belt and bra locked onto her body. I strongly suggest locking ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, thigh cuffs, and upper arm cuffs with chains limiting her mobility as well.

    P.S. Webmaster, would like to see the gorgeous DAVON KIM make a guest return surprise appearance on chastity babes. It has been over a year and would be great to see the lovely DAVON KIM return to this site. Please ?

  8. Well, ignore her, you must persist, she must be taught a lesson, don’t unlock the belt early, if she still yells, put a ball gag on her!!

  9. Never reward bad behavior. Giving her the keys for her restraints is a reward for her behavior. Better to leave her belted and restrained. The Natalia Forrest procedure (, cuffing her to bed (for your own safety and hers of course) would be great. Leaving her belted and restrained for several hours until she really calms down. Extend her time in chastity is a great consequence (and a reward for us).

    Belt, Bra, Collar (BBC), great!

  10. Natalia is angry and nagging about her chastity belt, but always returns for new challenges?
    I think she can not be without it, but also hate to wear it. An interesting problem and the solution is 24/7 chastity belt for her. Then she not have to take any more decisions.

  11. I like this

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