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Many people have asked where Natalia Forrest is, one of the top Chastity Babes on this website. Don’t worry, she still visits me regularly, and when she does, she knows she will be locked. She even often locks herself in chastity without any orders from me.
Natalia always asks if I have something new for her to try. Well, this time I laid out quite a nice outfit for her, with some things she hasn’t tried yet. There is a custom made Carrara belt for her, a chastity bra (well she has worn those a lot!), and even steel high heels! Natalia was very excited to try this outfit, finally something new for her. She especially loved the comfort and styling of the Carrara, but as a high heel lover she couldn’t resist the custom made heels either!
Locked in a collar (of course), a nude Natalia slowly but surely gets dressed and locked. She knows how to do this all by herself, she has done this many times. She insisted on trying on her jeans over the Carrara, and wow that was a great look! She put the heels over the jeans. They were locked into place with time padlocks, so she couldn’t take the heels off. These heels are very hard to walk in, so that was a big part of her chastity outfit, and a huge challenge.
Gorgeous Natalia is always up for a Challenge, even if I sometimes make her panic a little. But not today! Natalia seemed to be in a great mood, and she really loved her Challenge outfit! I hope you love it too!


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  1. This is the first time ever i can not wait to go home, hate That i still have 5 hours of Work to complete

  2. Natalia is beautiful and positive, real eye candy even when belted.

    I always keep wondering how tiny is the actual primary shield of Carrara belts. The big clumsy lock part is located at lover stomach height, not where the sensitive area that needs to be protected. And the real pussy shield is sooo tiny and narrow… If so small piece of metal can really keep them secured, that’s artistry!

    And heels. YES!! They lack the natural curve of the feet, and need some round edging and lining, before they can be worn as long as belts in real deals. But hey, if all women should be belted all the time, why don’t we also force them to look at their best all the time?! Then they might have better changes to be let out ;)

  3. Good to see Natalia back, make sure she keep the belt on, don’t get pregnant.

  4. NICE!! Always a pleasure to see the gorgeous and beautiful Natalia Forrest on this site and especially locked into a chastity belt and a chastity bra. Please bring her back for some more shoots. Also, would love to see Natalia get her NIPPLES PIERCED with some matching studs to her navel piercing. Natalia is absolutely fantastically lovely and is so sexy and feminine with a chastity belt and bra locked onto her body.

    P.S. Webmaster, would like to see the gorgeous DAVON KIM make a guest surprise appearance on chastity babes. It has been over and year and would be great to see the lovely DAVON KIM return to this site. Please ?

  5. Always great to see Natalia!

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