chastity belt 

You asked me to be more strict with the girls. And you are right, chastity is chastity! Locking Valentina Bianco in a super tight double plugged belt had a well-known effect on her. It happens to most girls in chastity. Her voice changed as she tried to come across more innocent to make me feel sorry for her. Her begging and pleading didn’t help her, I just loved seeing her in that tight belt with a big 4-ball plug in the back and an even bigger 5-ball plug in the front.
It’s amazing Valentina could still move, it really was that tight (and with 2 plugs in a tight belt, sometimes girls can’t move at all!). She tried for a while to rub her pussy but there was no sensation anymore. She could move the plugs a little by touching their base, but that didn’t do much either. Fortunately for Valentina, she can climax by playing with her nipples!
I realized that almost too late, so I had to run off, find the smallest chastity bra, and run back to make her lock it on. Just in time! Valentina was now even more pleading and innocent, but I made her lock herself in the bra. She knew her last chance was gone now. There would be no way to climax now, unless she would get her hands on the keys. The worst thing for her was that she had aroused herself by rubbing her clit just before getting belted AND she played with her nipples just before getting locked in a chastity bra.
She would have done anything to get out of this chastity gear, her entire demeanor was now totally submissive, begging, pouting, wide eyes constantly following me and the keys in my back pocket. Poor Valentina! She may just be the horniest girl I have ever locked in full chastity!

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  1. Chastity belt and bra has that effect on most girls.
    Bad for Valentina Bianco that she was playing with herself, before she was looked…

  2. Great!

  3. Valentina Bianco would make a good slave as she needs lots pf disaplen

  4. WOW!! Valentina is fantastic and absolutely gorgeous! Got to love her pouty expressions and she looks amazingly fantastic locked into her chastity belt with the double plugs. Would like to see you add in a vibratory plug that can give her some comfort to occupy her feelings in the most sensitive areas. Valentina is so sexy and wonderful as a submissive lady in chastity. Strongly suggest that some additional fetish/bdsm items be recommended to induce some additional feelings of submission as in some nipple attachments like green elastic castration bands to heighten her awareness of her nipples maybe. Maybe please pass on to Valentina that she would be outstandingly sexy and gorgeous with PIERCED NIPPLES!! Just a suggestion that Valentina is so SEXY!! LOVE ITALIANS AND SPANISH LADIES !!!!

  5. Kimberly Treichler says:

    As some one who has worn a chastity belt for 3 years , between the ages of 17 and 20, it’s not something you just adjust to. You never forget it’s there. You have to change your clothes to keep people from noticing. Imagine trying to explain to your friends, or your crush that a girl in California has the only key and I have to request she send the key to this damn thing by next day delivery. So, I had to change most of my lifestyle to accommodate my chastity belt. I initially agreed to a 6 week trial over the summer break. But as always, I was shamed into obeying my Mistress (Admittedly, I was a chronic masturbator) and 6 weeks became 6 months. Then a year. In the end I wore it for 3 years! It’s uncomfortable, humiliating and extremely effective at protecting my female parts from molestation. Mine own or anybody else’s. Just be reasonable when putting anyone in chastity. 4-6 weeks is enough to change behavior. Anything more is just cruelty.

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