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This is one of the best double plug videos ever! Not only because it features Cindy Dollar, who is amazing, but also because of the innovative setup! This is very special, I hope you enjoy this idea!
Cindy Dollar is getting ready for work, putting on her makeup, and doing her hair. She takes a very special butt plug and inserts it. It has two short chains with metal balls dangling from it. More about that later. She then slips into a NeoSteel belt with a HUGE nylon vaginal plug inside it. She is now double plugged and locked, and she continues to get dressed in stockings, skirt, white shirt, and high heels. Cindy is ready to go to the office!
But what’s so special about the butt plug? Well, whenever she moves, the two little metal balls hit each other, sending a sensation into the metal butt plug. The constant ticking of the balls is very arousing, also because she is filled vaginally with a huge plug which makes the sensation even more intense. With every step, she feels both plugs! The sounds she makes when walking is amazing, clicking the little balls together. Cindy didn’t expect it to be this effective, but any anal toys are always going to cause a big sensation inside. Especially when you are double plugged. Imagine going to the office like this, you would be super horny all day! And your coworkers would certainly be wondering about the clicking noises!
Enjoy this special update with Cindy Dollar, she is one of the best Chastity Babes, I am sure you will agree!

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  1. Au fait, que va devenir Neosteel suite au décès de son fondateur ?

  2. Ruby Rose says:

    Can you get some additional information on the anal plug is this something you had custom made or is this something that can be bought and where?

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