chastity belt 

Ok, those boob bands were an awesome idea and they looked so great, but they weren’t very practical in a Chastity Deal. Stella really had a lot of trouble sleeping in them, their lack of padding made them dig in too much.
So we continued without the boob bands. Still in her My-Steel hip style chastity belt, wrist cuffs, and collar, Stella was of course very tired. She did not sleep very well, so she wanted to take a mid-day nap. As a good sub, she even asked me for permission to get a little rest on the bed. That’s nice, but you don’t have to be a sub to do a Chastity Deal. Stella obviously is submissive in real life, and wearing a collar means she will always obey the person who collared her. I’m not complaining :)
I wasn’t just going to let her take a nap though. I got out the My-Steel vaginal plug and told her to insert it into her belt. Stella immediately reminded me that I allowed her a few minutes of fun when her belt was opened during her last Deal. But that wasn’t going to happen again. I know she can cum very fast so I told her to lock the belt again as soon as the plug was in. When I asked her if she needed any lube, she just smiled…
Stella wanted to go to sleep, but I had one more surprise for her: a big jewel buttplug! I also made her put that one in place, before allowing her to take a nap. It was big and Stella wasn’t prepared, so it took her a lot of effort to get it in. Once both plugs were in place, I locked her wrists to the sides of her belt, before I allowed her to go to sleep. I know Stella, she would be so frustrated with those two plugs she still wouldn’t be able to get some rest. But it’s all part of her Deal! She loves it!

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  1. I knew the lack of padding would come back around to bite Stella on the boob and you on the butt. Have you considered rounding and smoothing the corners of each rim?

    Nice expression when you presented her with the 4 ball plug.

  2. This is ridiculously hot. You should make her do a bit of edging for you.

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