chastity belt 

Stella had only been plugged and belted for about 4 hours and she was already so horny she was about to explode. She had seen a magic wand downstairs in the studio, so she just grabbed it, waiting for me to come back.
The second I walked in the door, she asked me: ‘can I use this?’, pointing to the magic wand she found. I told her that wasn’t possible, since she was locked in a chastity belt, and I wouldn’t let her out. But she is so cute… and she kept begging me, because she was so incredibly horny from walking around with the steel plug inside her.
We reached an agreement: I would let her out for THREE minutes. She would be allowed to play with the magic wand, but exactly after 3 minutes she would be locked back into the belt (including the plug of course), whether she had reached an orgasm or not. Stella agreed very eagerly, she would just do anything to get some stimulation at this point.
I gave her the keys and she unlocked her belt as fast as she could, wasting no time to push the very powerful magic wand firmly against her pussy. I may have been a little mean, because I kept talking to her, distracting her, and Stella had some trouble focusing on getting to her climax. She was getting closer and closer, and the sofa was getting wet, but just before she could reach an orgasm, I pulled the magic wand’s plug. Three minutes were over. Stella begged me and begged me for a little extra time, but I just handed her the belt and made her lock herself up again.
This was not Stella’s greatest idea ever. As the plug slid right back in, she realized she was now at least 10 times as horny as before, and the belt was probably not coming of any time soon. She tried vibrating the outside of the belt, but she couldn’t feel anything. If you have ever wanted to see maximum frustration, don’t miss this update!!

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  1. Piercedguy says:

    Time to renew my membership! This is the content I was just waiting for. Girls in chastity belts are great, but extremely horny and frustrated girls in a chastity belt are pure gold!!! What an update, wow!!! And what a fantastic babe ;)

    • Thank you so much for your support!

    • Hiddenhues says:

      I agree, this is the content I would love to see too. Have been following this site for a few years hoping it went this direction. Chastity should be combined with edging, to make the girls as horny as possible before they are locked inside.
      Also, in my opinion the girls should always have access to their breasts. Because when they are horny they will seek stimulation, and teasing their breasts will only make it worse, trapping them in a horny spiral of trying to get relief but making it worse instead :)

      • Riding Siberian says:

        I agree totally. Seeing them kept on the edge is what’s special. And someone else playing with their nipples is even better. A remote control vibe inside the belt would be great too.

  2. LoveSteel says:

    You are much too good for her (grin). Add an extra day in chastity for that three minutes out. And add the shiny bra for protection (and more frustration). No, we are not bad at all :)

  3. Just what I have been waiting and asking! Time for new membership. More please!

  4. Just wondering if Stella was plugged since her casting or if this was an on and off thing at the time?

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