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Yes! A new local girl applied! Lucy Elena is a 20 year old gamer girl from Holland who saw my Casting call. With money to be made (and even more if she will do a Chastity Deal in the future), Lucy was all up for the challenge, if not a bit shy and awkward.
She is not a model, so she was more worried about the photo shoot than the actual chastity belt. So I changed the order of things a little bit. I took a few pictures and then decided to already lock her in the belt. I pretended I was leaving to get something and secretly filmed her while she stood there waiting for the photo shoot to start. She is a tiny girl, and super cute! She has her own style, and a chastity belt goes great with that style of punky gamer girl. In fact, it looked so good on her I wished I already had her in a Chastity Deal. But Lucy Elena was super nervous, so I guess it was best not to rush things.
I have seen girls in belts so many times, and so have you, but we can not forget that this is the first time for girls who come for a Casting. They need to get used to the feeling, the tightness, and the idea they are locked into something that can not be taken off. She was so shy, I did not even collar her until after the photo shoot. After a Casting shoot, I always tell the girls they have to stay for a few more hours to get used to the belt. Lucy was happy to hang around, and I added a collar and cuffs to her outfit when she seemed to get more comfortable. You will see that in the next update!


9 comment(s) to “Lucy Elena – gamer girl belted”

  1. Lucy Elena is super cute and good you was careful with her, so she want more and come back for a longer Chastity Deal.

  2. Chastity prisoner says:

    It’s very cute that she’s so shy, she should defenitely do a deal.
    As she’s local you could belt her and send her home with a camera. That gives always interesting video’s.

  3. I like her. The chastity belt fits well with her outfit.

  4. LatexLover648 says:

    Would I be correct in assuming that this is the same Lucy Elena who appeared on Cuffed Teens back in 2016? Because if so, it would be great to see her back again

  5. Very true, a belt is VERY much in style with the way she dresses, you go girl!!, love to see more

  6. A collar would also go really well with the rest of her outfit.

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