chastity belt 

Remember River? Her Casting was so amazing! She is definitely stunning, and her big smile always makes me happy! River is a fitness model with a perfect body, and she is local to me! What more can I ask for?
Today, we had some fun creating the perfect super hero! In this tight red zentai suit, River’s toned body looks even more amazing. Silver high heels and a chastity belt make her feel ‘powerful’, River told me. Well, wait until I am finished piling on more and more metal. A collar, wrist cuffs, chastity bra, ankle cuffs, thigh bands, everything padlocked of course. River wouldn’t be able to take anything off without the keys. She didn’t mind, she was thinking of a good name for this new super hero. Metal girl? Chastity girl? Crimson steel? Post your suggestions below!
It took a long time getting River out of all this gear, mainly because I didn’t want to help her. She was trying keys and struggling with the locks to get everything off after the shoot. So much fun today, and she will be back for more soon!


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  1. My vote is for Chastity Girl, River looks perfect wearing that and I love the idea of her wearing it in public

  2. matthew meuleman says:

    river needs locked on shoes to make it look perfect

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