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Many years ago, when the first FancySteel chastity belt was introduced, I had Cindy Dollar over to demonstrate this new belt for us. She was here only once, but I never forgot about this fun girl. She is up for anything! When she was visiting Holland recently with her friend Nicole Vice, I just had to invite them over to have some more chastity fun!
You may have seen the fun we had for, where they were both impaled on One Bar Prisons (check it out if you haven’t). This gave me an idea. What about a new game with inflatable plugs, two girls competing against each other!
Here are the game rules:
– 2 girls are belted with inflatable vaginal plugs inside them
– each girl rolls a dice
– the girl who rolls the highest number gets to give the other girl 1 pump (inflating the other girl’s dildo)
– roll the same number: nothing happens, both roll again
– roll a six: deflate your own plug all the way

This was so much fun! Mainly because poor Cindy NEVER threw a six, so she never got to deflate her plug, it just got bigger and bigger as she kept losing. Nicole rolled a higher number almost every time and even had a six so she could deflate her own plug. Poor Cindy Dollar got pumped more and more and more, until she reached the maximum volume of the plug dildo (which is huge!).
This is the best belted game ever on (mainly because Cindy never rolled a six, which was hilarious), don’t miss it! If you can think of any other game challenges for 2 belted girls to play, please comment below!


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  1. next time use a 20 sided die

  2. NICE!! Such a wonderful and wondrous video of 2 absolutely gorgeous fabulous women having fun. Would like to suggest continuing the game and possibly adding in a remote controlled vibrating dildo attachment or clitoral vibrator and when a specific number is rolled with a different colored die either the vibrator is engaged for the duration until another number is rolled to turn the vibrator off or it is set to a higher level. The goal of course is to either tease / please the model or torture / torment the model into a sexually induced orgasmic frustration or to JUST HAVE FUN!! For the models and of course the viewers / subscribers. THANKS!!

  3. ysed more or less the same rules on pump gags – worked fine too :-)

  4. That Guy says:

    Chastity Darts, each round the loser gets another item of chastity chosen and put on by the winner of the round


  5. One belted girl with an remote controled vibrator inserted standing next to a car, the other girl asking a passerby to try the remote of the car alarm because it does not seem to Work ;)

  6. Holy i want to play dat game

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