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If you are a real chastity belt enthusiast (which you probably are if you are reading this), you will not have missed the launch of a new brand of quality chastity belts from Australia! After a long period of prototyping and building, FancySteel is now ready to accept orders from everyone around the world!
This style of chastity belt is innovative and creative, as well as very elegant! Their belts feature a unique steel cable design, making them highly adjustable. Everything adjust from the inside, so once the belt is locked on, there is no way to take it off, unless you have the key. The locking system is very simple, as Cindy Dollar demonstrates today, she didn’t need any help and the figured it out all on her own! The main feature of the belt is of course its sleek, curved, elegant waist belt design.
All of the elements on the belt can slide on the covered steel cables, making them adjustable in the back and front. They are locked into place by hex screws on the inside. The waist band is slightly adjustable to allow for weight gain and loss (during a girl’s period or in general). The demonstration version I received has the mesh front shield, but other options are available too. I did not use the rear opening plate, as this is just a Casting, but I have it and I will use it if this belt is going to be used for a long term Chastity Deal.
What is my opinion after this first try out? Well, the girls seem to love its looks (it is truly Fancy), and the adjustability and ease of use is a big plus! I will have to test the security in a longer Deal, and I will need to add the pvc lining option if anyone is going to wear this for more than just a few hours.
And let’s not forget about our lovely new model today! Cindy Dollar is gorgeous and very easy to work with, she was very happy to demonstrate this new belt to you, and I have a feeling she would be incredibly suitable for a long term Chastity Deal, as she is a very sexual person. I don’t think she can go a day without pleasing herself, which is exactly what I am looking for in a Chastity Deal candidate!


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  1. Very elegant. I look forward to the stress testing in a long term deal.

    • Vera much appreciated that a new manufacturer is entering the market. This belt is a good combination of adaptability and security. Elegant and decorative, too.

      It should definitively be worn with thigh bands!

      Meanwhile the offer a black rubber lining as well.

      Looking forward to the next update featuring this belt.

  2. This new belt looks unique, but it doesn’t have that striking visible harshness of the carrara belt. I like a belt that looks secure.

  3. No I didn’t know they were doing this in australia! Of course everyone in the US is developing their own reinholds like models. Very comfortable to the owner but not being pushed commercially. Probably shouldn’t be either as things like birth control in health insurance and the subsequent soap boxes would ruin anyones chance at enjoyment.

  4. This looks cool, though I am a little wary of belts that dont have a firm front plate from the belt “buckle” down to the pussy lips. Can become insecure and allow some finger play! I know you mentioned it also comes with a rear opening plate, so that is good from a hygiene and long term wear perspective. This design should also help in concealing under loose fit jeans, so look fwd to more pics! As someone in law enforcement, my quest is to make these mainstream for restraining women prisoners and also provide an option for prostitutes (still considered a crime in most of the US) to wear this in lieu of jail time.

  5. Sounds like a 10 day deal would be perfect for her! Chastity belts are best suited for horny young ladies.

    However, I have to agree with Anne Marie in wondering whether this will offer true security against the determined finger.

  6. Großartig,
    der Gürtel wird auch an den anderen Chastitybabes gut aussehen!!

  7. This belt does not look very attractive to my eyes. For long term use I suspect that skin problems and hygiene could be very difficult.

  8. Nice belt. Why there is no review about it?

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