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A Chastity Deal is long. It doesn’t matter how excited you are at the idea of spending time locked in a belt, there always comes a point where it’s no longer about the belt. It is about spending time. Even short Deals can be quite challenging, because it becomes a mental thing. How long before you reach the unbelting date? It’s uncomfortable (at times) and frustrating (at other times) and you can’t even stop the Deal because that does not make any sense. You would have spent time in the belt without any reward, so once you are locked in, you have to make it to the agreed end date.
Cobie’s Deal was very long. Good thing she is an experienced belt wearer who actually LOVES chastity. She does not get too frustrated (sexually) so it is quite natural for her to be in a belt. She even owns her own belt and she wears it at home! Still, with the added challenge of thigh bands in a 4 story building, it was definitely not easy for her!
Like most girls, Cobie loves spending time on her appearance, doing her makeup and hair in the bathroom. And like a lot of girls, Cobie loves tea! Problem is, the kitchen is on the first floor and the bathroom is on the third floor. Going up this many stairs in thigh bands with a cup of boiling hot tea might not seem a very good idea, but Cobie did it (many times) anyway. Top tip: walking behind a belted Cobie going up the stairs is the best view you will ever have in your life! Check out the video of another not-so-easy day in the life of Cobie. She did so well in this Deal, I can’t believe it!

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  1. Remember when you said squatting is an ideal position for fitting a belt? Well you wouldn’t want to fit the thigh bands in the same manner because the chain would be so much shorter (if any length depending on how flexible you are). But locking them together would be impractical if the rings on either side of the belt are spreading them apart.

    • Very true, watch the update where Cobie locks herself into thigh bands, you will see how she straightens her leg completely before locking the chain on.

      • In my scenario would be like a frig tie except your joining the thigh to the waist (or hip depending on the belt)

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